We are delighted to find this Indian / Nepalese restaurant - especially because we have not had better in Calgary. The ambience is comfortable and the service amiable and attentive. The dishes have subtle and distinctive flavours and come at a fair and reasonable cost. We have enjoyed Indian around the world and I honestly cannot recall better. These people come from where the food does. Enjoy!

-Morgan Canada

My wife brought the left overs of her lunch she bought at work today with her co-workers. I was seriously surprised of the quality and flavour of their food. Their lamb and chicken were equally good. The rice was great and the nan bread was absolutely perfect. All in all the price the quality the portions were good. I have not had better in this city anywhere. Well worth a try.

- Cascum Calgary

Fresh and yummy! A great delivery service making this a delicious option to order from home. Service is hospitable and grateful.

- Pijuni