Dine In

Green Chilli Grill provides dine in services. Please come to our new location at Mahogany. We offer a fusion of the best of Indian, Nepalese,Chinese and Tibetan flavours. Please come and eat at our location. We have take out, dine in buffet and A-La-Carta services in our Mahogany location. For catering and group reservation, please give us a call at 403.457.0313.

Green Chilli Grill is a family owned and operated restaurant. We provide very delicious and authentic vegetarian homemade Nepalese, Indian and Tibetan foods with fresh with high-quality ingredients. Our Spices are used mildly. We also serve vegetarian diet. Non vegetarian dishes are also available. Please check the menu. Condiments includea small amount of pickle, spicy chutney, other main meal side dishes include lime, sliced lemon and fresh green chili.